The values of a family

Our Story

This reality was established from 1997 as a family business. Founded by Livio Argentini, with 30 years of experience in the engineering industry, and continued by his children Michele, Ursula and Massimo, it has slowly expanded. It has overcome various difficulties, evolving despite the economic crisis of 2008, the pandemic from Covid 19, passing its 25th year of operation and always aiming for progress and innovation with 4.0 machinery. As of today it has 8 employees, professional and competent, aware that they are part of a growing family group. A small company, like so many in our country, that stands at the base of the entire Italian manufacturing sector, ready to put all its experience and ability at the service of its customers.

Growing together

A solid company builds its foundation on employees. We are not talking about skills but human value.

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